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We are the premier title and registration service of Silicon Valley, California. With many years of experience, we can process the registration and title for vehicles (cars, pick-ups, commercial trucks, motorcycles, vessels, ATV's, etc.) from out of state faster than other agencies. Car dealers, commercial truck dealers, truck leasing companies from out of state can contact us to verify California DMV registration fees accurately and promptly. We know what is required, and have the experience and know-how to make your transaction go smoothly and problem free.


How to process your client's vehicle registration in California:


  1. Send all original documents to us with a return envelope and a check for the CA DMV fees and another check for our fees.

  2. We contact the client to come to our office for a VIN verification, or if they are not in our area, we will request they get the required smog check and VIN verification.

  3. We contact the client to come to our office to pick up the finalized California registration card and plates or we mail them using the return envelope you provided.


See the following for more information:


-California vehicle registration calculator for Vehicles from out of state to verify California DMV registration fees.

-Requirements to register a vehicle in California.

-Pay the CA DMV fees within 20 days from the date the vehicle entered the state to avoid penalties.

Questions and Answers for Dealerships from out of state

Should the dealership wait for smog check or VIN verification to send all the original documents for processing?

No.  Send us the titling documents promptly so we can pay the fees to the DMV within the 20 day requirement and avoid penalties for you or the buyer.

Page last updated on Feb. 11, 2020.


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