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How does a Lien Sale work in California?

Our lien sale service can help you process your vehicle lien sale from beginning to end. The process takes from 35 to 45 days for a vehicle valued less than $4,000, and from 150 to 210 days (as of 09/01/2023) for a vehicle valued more than $4,000.  The steps are as follow:


Lien Sale of vehicle valued less than $4,000

You send us your information and the vehicle information by filling out the form online, faxing it or emailing it to us.
We contact you for payment over the phone or we send you an invoice for you to pay online.

After you have paid for the lien sale service, we prepare all the required documents and notify the interested parties and the California DMV of your lien sale request.
•If there are no oppositions, approximately 12 days before the lien sale date, we will mail the lien sale packet to you with instructions on how to proceed.   This is the set of documents that give you ownership rights to the vehicle.
Once the lien sale day comes, you follow the instructions we provided to you, and you sell the vehicle.

After the lien sale

We can help you or your buyer register the vehicle with the California DMV -additional fees apply.

We figure out the DMV fees and collect them from you.

We prepare additional documents for you or your buyer to sign for the registration of the vehicle with the CA DMV.

After we receive the signed documents from you or your buyer, we register the vehicle.

After all requirements have been provided, we finish your transaction.

We mail the new registration card, stickers and plates to the new owner of the vehicle.

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