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We are mobile to your location to do a VIN verification or inspection and provide you with the required California DMV VIN verification form REG 31.  We can also collect your original documents to process or finish processing your transaction with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  No need to return to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  We'll finish your transaction for you.


We need to see the following:


-The vehicle: complete and assembled


-The VIN plate/label


-The US Federal Certification Label (samples): this has the VIN on it as well (for vehicles model year 1970 and newer)


-The emission systems label (usually in the engine compartment)


-The engine number, only if your vehicle is a motorcycle, or an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV)


-The odometer to verify the current mileage on the vehicle (if applicable)


-Any original, official documents you have for the vehicle (title, registration card). If you do not have any documents for the vehicle, and the vehicle is older than 1970 or it does not have a 17 digit VIN, we may request more information in advance to verify the model year of the vehicle.

You must locate the items mentioned above before we go see your vehicle, and payment (cash, debit cards or Paypal) for our services must be made in advance for us to put you in our schedule.  Please understand that we verify that the numbers or labels are correct, but we do not necessarily locate them.  Although we have an idea where the VIN and other labels should be, we are not familiar with your vehicle and cannot guarantee they are where we expect them to be.  Our service fee is non-refundable if we get to your location and the vehicle does not have the required VIN plates/labels, they are not complete, are not legible, or the vehicle is not complete and assembled.

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