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Licensed by the California DMV - bonded and insured

Call us now to make an appointment:

Our VIN verifier can verify and inspect the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, ATV, OHV, or semi truck/tractor and provide you with the California DMV VIN Verification form: REG 31.  

We are also a mobile VIN verification service.  We go to your location and we do the VIN verification and provide you with the original California DMV VIN Verification form: REG 31.  


We can also process the registration of your vehicle with the California DMV in minutes in most instances.  If your vehicle is from out of state, we can issue the California DMV registration card and plates while you are at our office.  We are the car registration service of choice for Silicon Valley, California. We can do it quickly and conveniently: make an appointment with us and see the difference -no need to wait hours in line at the California DMV or wait weeks for a CHP (California Highway Patrol) VIN verification.

We are mobile to your location. Our California licensed VIN verifiers do the VIN verification and can pick up your documents for the registration of your vehicle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Your classic beauty or non-working car does not need to leave its home.  We can only offer you a 2 hour appointment window if we are going to your location due to traffic in the area.

Our VIN verifiers serve the cities of:

San Jose, CA

Milpitas, CA

Santa Clara, CA

Fremont, CA

Hayward, CA

Pleasanton, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

San Mateo, CA

Mountain View, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Morgan Hill, CA

San Martin, CA

Gilroy, CA

Salinas, CA

Watsonville, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

Aptos, CA

Scotts Valley, CA

Soquel, CA

VIN Verifications we are allowed to do:


  • Any vehicle or trailer, excluding motorcycles, with supporting documents for which there is no California record, or is no  longer in the California DMV database.



The VIN verification is a physical inspection and consists of verifying that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your vehicle matches the one on the documents being used to register your vehicle with the California DMV, and that the vehicle has a U.S. Federal Certification Label that matches the VIN.  We also verify whether the emissions label on the vehicle complies with California emission standards.  This last part is important if you are a resident of the state of California and you are purchasing a vehicle from out of state and it has less than 7,500 miles. Click here for more information about registering a vehicle from out of state with the California DMV.


The VIN verification also confirms whether the VIN plates or labels are in normal condition.  If your vehicle is an older model (pre 1983), or it is a commercial vehicle, trailer, travel trailer, boat or motorcycle, make sure the VIN plate or label can be located, and you have verified that the VIN on the vehicle matches your documents. Sometimes the VIN is hard to find, and can be located in different places depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle.  We only verify the numbers/labels are correct, but you have to show us the location of these numbers/labels.  We have a general idea of where they are, but we cannot guarantee that your specific vehicle has them where they are usually located.  


If your vehicle is a motorcycle or scooter, we also verify that the engine number matches the one on your ownership documents.  You should locate the engine number and check that it matches your ownership documents prior to having the motorcycle verified by a licensed vehicle verifier as sometimes it is hidden from view, and parts might have to be taken off to have access to it.  

VIN Verifications we cannot do:

•Salvage revival or junked vehicles.

•Used motorcycles with unavailable records or from a foreign country. Motorcycles with replaced engines. •Incomplete or disassembled vehicles.

•Vehicles model year 1970 or newer which do not have a U.S Federal Certification Label.

•Vehicles with damaged, illegible, altered or missing US Federal Certification Labels.

•Vehicles with damaged, tampered with, illegible, incomplete, altered or erased VIN numbers.​

Vehicles with documents from a foreign country.

•Specially constructed vehicles or kit-cars (SPCNS).

This page was last updated on 12/05/2019.

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